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Women Economic Development Programs

We fully understand that most business ideas fail because of a lack of planning and poor idea execution. Therefore, TAGF assists women in improving their business ideas to break into the market through small business funding. Furthermore, for their businesses to function properly, we provide training and mentorship to the women who are still trying to loom their businesses up.

Gender equality

Women are able to equally participate in male-dominated industries and break through the market.


Economic growth

Women’s employment allows them to play a vital role in productivity and economic growth.


Women upskill

Skills development and in-demand business ideas create more opportunities and business growth.


Financial control

Train them on financial management and digital marketing to get business exposure.


Disadvantaged Youth Business Development and Skills Improvement

Youth development programs are there to give them confidence and allow them to break into their relevant markets.

We offer financial management and digital marketing training. This is to help disadvantaged youth in business know how to handle their company’s finances is always up to date. Further to that, businesses need to be marketed, therefore, we offer social media training for digital marketing.

Developing SMEs to Participate in the Mainstream Economy

TAGF aims to give SMEs the ability to participate in the mainstream economy through the development of an ecosystem that provides professional and technical support.

Business Support

We provide business development services to SMEs, especially women-owned businesses and the youth.

Credit Readiness

Assist SMMEs to be credit-ready by ensuring that their financial records are up-to-date for financial assistance.

Credit Guarantee

Provides a credit guarantee as partial security to secure SME loans with a financial institution.

Post Placement Service

Continuous coaching and mentoring. While providing business support and market linkages.