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Building profit generating enterprises

TAGF aims to make small businesses and small micro medium enterprises profit-generating and successful businesses. Looking at women and youth businesses looking to scale. Through our post-placement program, TAGF ensures that its beneficiaries build sustainable, environmentally friendly, and socially acceptable businesses.

Access to market

The main goal is to break into the market and start making sales. Therefore, we encourage SMEs to invest time in knowing their market and their desired target.





Trade finance

Access to market

Youth Development

Entrepreneurial youth looking for support that will enable them to have access to finance. The fund is focused on medium sized businesses looking to create job opportunities. Therefore, the youth is highly considered looking at the unemployment rate as far as they are concerned.

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Rural Women Empowerment

TAGT aims to assist women improve poor quality business ideas through coaching and mentoring. Moreover, we provide training on writing business plans and cash flow management.

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Support and Mentoring

As we assist women and the youth develop and grow their businesses, we provide supporting and mentoring to further assist them. This way business owner are assisted in having a clear vision and able to fulfil their set goal. Not only will the business owners be trained on how to run their business, but have the ability to develop and grow in their own personal spaces.

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