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Our team of experts is there to add value to business ideas that will partake in job creation and economic growth.

Credit Guarantee

Thembani Provides a credit guarantee as partial security to secure SME loans with financial institution.

Business Development services

Thembani provides business support services to SMEs especially women owned businesses and disadvantaged youths. Through training, mentoring and coaching. This includes business plan writing, book keeping, personal finance management, digital marketing and basic interpretation of financial report

Business linkages & Access to finance

Thembani assists SMEs to be credit ready by ensuring that their financial records are up-to-date, plans in place and viability can be proven. They also provide market linkages with both local and international partners

Rural Women Economic Development Program

Thembani assist women to overcome poor quality business ideas through coaching and mentoring. TAG also provide training on business plan writing and cash flow management

Thembani help women-owned businesses to differentiate the market or identify niche markets. And also train them on financial management and digital marketing (social media marketing)

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